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AutomatedQA Releases Build Automation and Release Management Solution

AutomatedQA Releases Build Automation and Release Management Solution

AutomatedQA announced the availability of Automated Build Studio version 1, its new build automation and release management system for Microsoft Windows. Engineered to simplify the software build and release process, Automated Build Studio joins AutomatedQA s line of application testing and product lifecycle tools designed to help developers and QA teams deliver reliable software. The software integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 and will fully support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

 Traditionally, the software build process has not only been tedious but has presented numerous pitfalls for both small and large software organizations alike. The inability to easily create a repeatable process that fully integrates the many tools and activities that together form the foundation of a software release in an automated manner consistently introduces defects that might not otherwise exist. In addition, the time involved in preparing non-automated builds can adversely affect team productivity.

 Automated Build Studio addresses these issues by offering software developers a straightforward way to visually build any project. With built-in support for a wide range of tools, Automated Build Studio automates the entire software build process in an understandable and repeatable manner.

 Key features of Automated Build Studio include: native integration with Visual Studio.NET 2003; standalone client or command-line interface; integration with NUnit unit-testing framework; support for e-mail, nntp forums, and ICQ instant messages; support for multiple types of release configurations (internal, beta, release, etc.); support for multiple source-control tools; an assistant feature to guide you through the design and execution of build automation scripts; support for Microsoft .NET technologies; support for Java compilers and technologies; support for Borland Win32 and Microsoft .NET Framework-based compilers and IDEs; and extensibility through native Win32 compilers or any language supported by the .NET Framework.

 Automated Build Studio is available for a 30-day trial download.


AutomatedQA Corp.

Price: Single-user license, US$349.99; site license, US$2,999.99.

Web Site:


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