Atalasoft Releases DotImage 2.0

Atalasoft Releases DotImage 2.0

Atalasoft announced DotImage version 2.0, which includes DotImage Photo, DotImage Photo Pro, and DotImage Document Imaging. DotImage shares many of the same design patterns as the Microsoft .NET Framework, and this set of .NET imaging components offers developers photographic and document imaging for Web- and Windows-based applications.

 DotImage s imaging technology is designed to be leveraged into Microsoft .NET applications without the hassles of COM interop and DLL Hell. Deployment for Windows Forms applications is as simple as copying the files to the end user s computer. The thin-client image viewer and editor for ASP.NET included with DotImage Photo Pro and Document Imaging is a solution that requires no client dependencies, except a Web browser for image scrolling, zooming, rubberbanding, and editing.

 DotImage Photo is used for adding basic color and grayscale image processing functionality. It includes controls for viewing, editing, rubberbanding, and printing images, and can be used as an extension to GDI+ with added image codecs, over 100 image processing commands, printing components, and visual controls for displaying images.

 DotImage Photo Pro includes all the features of DotImage Photo, and supports EXIF, IPTC, XMP, TIFF Tags, and Adobe Photoshop Metadata, Advanced Color Management, region of interest processing, automatic color adjustments, RAW image support, advanced image processing commands, and a multi-threaded thumbnail list control. This package also includes Atalasoft s WebForm ASP.NET Server control for thin-client image viewing, scrolling, zooming, and editing.

 DotImage Document Imaging is designed for professional document imaging. It includes all the features of DotImage Photo Pro, with the addition of scale to gray display, TWAIN scanning, annotations, auto-deskew, despeckle, border removal, remove noise, advanced binary thresholding, and multi-page TIFF and PDF support. This package also includes Atalasoft DotTwain for advanced TWAIN scanning and Atalasoft s annotation toolkit, DotAnnotate.

 Atalasoft also announced a new licensing model where all desktop applications created with the toolkits are run-time royalty free.


Atalasoft, Inc.

Price: Starts at US$499 for DotImage Photo, US$999 for DotImage Photo Pro, and US$1,799 for DotImage Document Imaging.

Web Site:


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