Astron Digital Unveils AspLib ToolTip v.1

Astron Digital Unveils AspLib ToolTip v.1

Astron Digital announced AspLib ToolTip v.1, a tool that ASP.NET developers can use to add pop-up user assistance to their applications. Tooltips are used to explain page elements to end users, and may be displayed as pop-ups or single windows, either with a mouse click or a mouse pointer floating over a page element.

 AspLib ToolTip fully supports Visual Studio design-time features and gives developers the ability to configure tooltips using the property sheet. This eliminates the need to write extensive customization code. Thanks to the use of AJAX technology, help tips are displayed without the need to load all tips from a server. Additionally, AspLib ToolTip allows you to customize every aspect of a help tip, such as typeface, background color, size, and more. Help tips can be set manually or loaded from an XML file. Created help tips can be opened using the F1 key while the focus is on a form field. AspLib ToolTip has a cross-browser nature and fully supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, and Mozilla Firefox.

 AspLib ToolTip also fully supports localization. This means that help tips can localize themselves automatically based on the application s culture settings, and be displayed to end users in their own language. There is also a built-in tooltip editor that helps in the creation and editing of tooltips.

 AspLib ToolTip v.1 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server. More information is available at An evaluation copy is available at


Astron Digital Ltd.

Price: Single-developer license (includes one-year subscription to free updates and new versions), US$149

Web Site:


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