ASPxHTML Editor Beta Announced

ASPxHTML Editor Beta Announced

Developer Express extends its ASP.NET and AJAX-enabled component collection with beta 1 of its updated ASP.NET HTML Editor. The ASPxHTML Editor Suite allows you to deliver Web applications with rich text editing functionality. Regardless of the solution you need to build be it a blog editor, e-mail client, or simply exchanging formatted documents within your company simply drop the control onto a form and you instantly have access to a text editor with an intuitive user interface that resembles Microsoft Word (with similar toolbars and the same keyboard shortcuts).

 In addition to being a WYSIWYG editor, the ASPxHTML Editor supports HTML input out of the box. You don t have to choose which input method to use, because the control provides automatic two-way synchronization between the visual editor and HTML code. End-users can switch to the code view and edit documents by manually controlling every tag and attribute. This allows them to use even those tags that aren t currently supported by the visual editor. At any time, users can switch back and forth to use the view that best suits their current editing requirements. Once editing has been completed, you instantly obtain HTML code to be published online.


New capabilities introduced in this beta include:

  • Integrated HTML Spell Checking
  • Pre-defined Text Formatting Styles
  • Enhanced Client-side Events
  • Complete XHTML Compliance


Visit to download a free evaluation copy of the ASPxHTML Editor component.


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