Altova Launches XMLSPY Certification Exam

Altova Launches XMLSPY Certification Exam

Altova announced the availability of its XMLSPY Certification Exam. This expert-level, 50-question exam tests an individual s knowledge of important XML-related specifications as well as proficiency with XMLSPY 2004. Successful participants will become Altova Certified XMLSPY Engineers (ACXE).

 As XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language) becomes more pervasive, practical use and certified expertise with the standard is becoming increasingly important for engineers and organizations. The Altova XMLSPY Certification Exam has been created for information architects and enterprise developers who possess a solid working knowledge of XML standards and XMLSPY 2004. The certification exam tests a candidate s knowledge of XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XPath, WSDL, and SOAP, as well as proficiency in using XMLSPY 2004 to create standards-compliant XML documents, schemas, and stylesheets.

 The Altova XMLSPY Certification Exam is delivered in a proctored environment and is available at hundreds of US and Canadian testing facilities. For more information on the certification exam, including testing coverage and example questions, visit


Altova, Inc.

Price: US$95

Web Site:


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