Altova Launches Solutions Center to Help Customers Solve Key Business Challenges with XML and Cutting Edge Technologies

Altova Launches Solutions Center to Help Customers Solve Key Business Challenges with XML and Cutting Edge Technologies

Altova, creator of XMLSpy, MapForce, and other leading software development and data integration tools, announced the launch of a new online resource that describes how current and emerging business problems can be solved using XML and other cutting edge technologies. Representing the growing use of XML technology, the Altova Solutions Center ( targets business managers and technical professionals, and initially provides counsel on implementing single-source multi-channel publishing, data integration, and content assembly solutions. It also includes details about two new packaged solution components from Altova Professional Services that can help customers accelerate data integration and content assembly projects.

 Each area of the Altova Solutions Center contains specific business scenarios, real-world case studies, white papers, technical guidance, and recommendations for choosing the right combination of Altova products and services to achieve success with the following initiatives:

  • Single-Source Multi-Channel Publishing. For organizations that need to present content in different formats for different users, this solution illustrates how to simultaneously publish XML or database information in HTML for Web pages, rich text format (RTF) for Microsoft Word, and portable document format (PDF) for Adobe Acrobat.
  • Data Integration. For enterprises that have an ongoing need to exchange information in real time with a customer, a supplier, or another department within their organization, this solution describes how to quickly connect systems and bond disparate data.
  • Content Assembly. When source content exists in multiple locations and needs to be assembled and indexed for publishing, this solution explains how to do so easily and efficiently.


To illustrate real-world implementations of these solutions, new customer success stories have been added to the Altova Solutions Center. Profiles of Ingenuity System Testing Services Ltd., Agile.Net and Equity One, and Bundesrechenzentrum describe challenging business problems that these innovative customers solved using Altova products.

 The Altova Solutions Center also provides information about two new offerings from Altova Professional Services. The Data Server and Content Assembler solution components are designed to be customized to satisfy a customer s specific needs:

  • Data Server Solution Component. Extends the functionality of MapForce 2005, Altova s XML/database/flat file/EDI data integration tool, with a fast, straightforward platform for deploying and managing data mapping projects in real-time Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).
  • Content Assembler Solution Component. Enables customers to quickly build complex documents from a variety of separate materials, automatically generate required tables of contents, indexes, and other formatted items, and publish the final documents in a variety of electronic and print formats.


 Altova also has added new RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to its corporate Web site to more quickly provide customers and other interested parties with up-to-date alerts about its products, services, and solutions. The Altova News RSS feed announces Altova press releases and other breaking news, and the Altova Developer Connection Newsletter RSS feed announces new editions to the company s monthly newsletter. There is no charge for subscribing, and the Altova RSS feeds can be added to any dedicated newsreader application or Web-based newsreader. For more information, visit:


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