Altova Extends and Enhances XML Suite

Altova Extends and Enhances XML Suite

Altova introduced version 2006 of its line of XML applications. Altova software version 2006 (v2006) delivers upgrades and enhancements to the company s existing offering of XML development tools. From support for building Web services, to viewing and managing enterprise-wide schema architectures, updated integration with multi-purpose integrated development environments (IDEs), and support for the latest XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, and XQuery specification drafts, v2006 represents an upgrade in functionality, usability, and standards conformance.

 New features in XMLSpy 2006 include enhanced standards support, schema awareness in XSLT 2.0 and XQuery Engines, updated Microsoft Visual Studio.NET integration, and updated Eclipse integration.

 New functionality in MapForce 2006 includes visual Web services construction, Web services implementation, FlexText flat file parsing, project management and code generation, enhanced standards support, textual annotation, and support for OLE and ActiveX Control. With the addition of these features, Altova MapForce 2006 is now available in three editions: MapForce 2006 Standard Edition (supports XML-to-XML mappings); MapForce 2006 Professional Edition (supports XML, database, and basic flat file data mappings); and MapForce 2006 Enterprise Edition (supports all the features of MapForce 2006 Professional Edition, with the addition of Web services mapping and implementation, EDI mapping, and the FlexText flat file integration utility).

 Altova StyleVision will be updated to version 2006 later this year; customers who purchase between now and then will be able to update at no additional cost. New features in StyleVision 2005 release 4 include enhanced standards support and schema awareness in XSLT 2.0 engine.

 In addition to viewing and interconnecting XML Schema (.XSD) files, SchemaAgent 2006 allows developers to view XML Schemas used as data sources and/or targets in Altova MapForce design (.MFD) data mapping files. New capabilities of SchemaAgent 2006 include MapForce Schema view, detailed Schema visualization, and the standalone SchemaAgent Client Application.

 In addition, Altova announced it has extended its XML Suite with a fifth application. Altova s new application in its XML product family, Altova SemanticWorks 2006, is a visual development tool designed to help customers learn and work with emerging Semantic Web technologies in an intuitive way. Altova SemanticWorks 2006 allows developers to graphically create and edit Resource Description Framework (RDF) instance documents, RDF Schema (RDFS) vocabularies, and Web Ontology Language (OWL) ontologies.

 SemanticWorks 2006 is available as a standalone product and is also included in the Enterprise and Professional Editions of the Altova XML Suite 2006. For additional information on what s new in Altova software version 2006, visit

 Altova XML Suite 2006, XMLSpy 2006, MapForce 2006, StyleVision 2005 release 4, SchemaAgent 2006, and SemanticWorks 2006 are available at In addition, 30-day free trials of all Altova products may be downloaded from



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