Alphora Ships Dataphor

  Alphora released Dataphor, a next-generation development toolset that automates many of the repetitive tasks traditionally associated with the application development process. Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, Dataphor, Alphora's flagship development product, combines relational concepts with advanced data management practices to deliver an Automated Application Development foundation.

  Dataphor allows developers to focus on the creation of the core data model and underlying process logic. Based on the given data model, it dynamically derives user interfaces and enforces business rules. This data-centric approach, which is aided by Dataphor's advanced query processor and extensible data dictionary, enables developers to focus on what it is they're modeling versus how to accomplish the desired results.



Price: Royalty-free single licenses are US$5,000 per developer.

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:

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