AceComponents Releases AceGallery 1.0

AceComponents Releases AceGallery 1.0

AceComponents released AceGallery 1.0, an easy to use, file based, low cost gallery component/Web control. Major features include:

  • No need to store information in XML files or database.
  • No need to handle any server-side events or call methods.
  • Automatically creates thumbnails and preview images for all JPG files in the target directory.
  • Automatically detects new files created.
  • Supports JPG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP formats. Can be filtered based on extension.
  • Designer support gives instant feedback when styles and layout are changed.
  • Output JPEG quality can be changed to save bandwidth.
  • Inbuilt JavaScript for displaying preview image when thumbnail is clicked. JavaScript file is automatically created and linked to the page, saving time and trouble.
  • Ability to control the link to the original image.
  • Option for creating thumbnails for every page load.
  • Four layout types in addition to thumbnail-only view.
  • Selectable thumbnail column count, items per page, and paging support.
  • Configurable Gallery title, description, etc.
  • Show/hide filenames below thumbnails.
  • Styling is completely CSS based for maximum control.
  • Tested in Internet Explorer 6+ and Firefox. Cross-browser compatibility is only limited by CSS used.
  • The complete output is table based, and JavaScript is contained in a separate file, so it is search engine friendly.
  • Low cost, does not require developer license.
  • Free Ad-based version available.


AceGallery requires the .NET Framework 2.0 to run.



Price: Free for Ad-based license; US$39.99 and up for Ad-free license.

Web Site:


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