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Details emerge about the Zune 3 platform

Microsoft is expected to announce its next major update to the Zune platform soon, but it looks like Fry's Electronics has leaked some interesting details:

Buy from FM

Listen to your favorite FM radio stations and click to tag the songs you like for later purchase when you sync your device with your PC.

Device to cloud

Access thousands of wireless hotspots around the country to automatically update your collection, browse Zune Marketplace, refresh Channels, exchange favorites with friends, or buy songs you've tagged from your FM radio.

Wireless sharing

Send your favorite songs, albums, playlists, pictures, and even audio podcasts freely between any Zune devices.


Zune Channels are custom programming stations that deliver personalized playlists to your Zune from a variety of sources you select, such as music experts, celebrities, or top radio stations.


Games rock on your Zune. Zune players now come with a selection of fun free games to choose from. Play the popular game Texas Hold 'Em or challenge yourself to a game of Hexic, and make sure you play your favorite song from your collection to create your own personal game soundtrack.

I've also verified that Audible support will be coming as part of the Zune 3 upgrade.

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