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The Outlook for VDI: Seven Years of Good Luck

The Outlook for VDI: Seven Years of Good Luck

Has VDI finally arrived for good? One research firm says yes. 

While every enterprise that adopts virtualized desktops does so for its own unique reasons, there’s a common set of core benefits that come up again and again when IT administrators talk about VDI.

These are neatly summarized in the latest projection for enterprise adoption of VDI, which shows it gaining in importance.

San Francisco-based Grand View Research projects "substantial growth" in VDI implementation over the next seven years, with most of the growth occurring in the United States, by virtue of the sheer size of its economy.

The reasons given for the continuing growth will sound familiar to anyone who's been following the desktop virtualization market. The main one, say the researchers, is the desire by enterprises "to centralize their end-user data and applications in order to provide enhanced backup and reliable computing solutions" to desktop computer users.

And it noted that VDI "helps in reducing service delivery and application costs as the computing applications are hosted centrally."

Overall, said the report, VDI can be expected to make up an ever-larger share of IT operations for as long as companies are concerned with controlling operational expenses, something that shows no sign of letting up.


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