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Dell adds Ubuntu 7.10 to Linux-based PCs

Dell announces that it's finally shipping the latest version of Ubuntu with its Linux-based PCs:

Today, we're adding Ubuntu 7.10 (a.k.a Gutsy Gibbon) to the Dell Consumer Linux line-up for customers in the United States.  It will also be available on the Inspiron 530 in England, France, and Germany later this week.

Visit to order Inspiron 530 desktop or Inspiron 1420 notebook PCs with Ubuntu 7.10 pre-installed. We believe Ubuntu 7.10 is a solid step forward for both Linux enthusiasts as well as the mainstream consumer market.

One of the key requests from customers interested in Linux is the ability to watch their favorite DVD movies. We totally agree and that's why we now include built-in DVD movie playback with all Ubuntu 7.10 systems.The experience we wanted is simple — when you put a movie in, it plays. It is easy enough for a child and an example of the steps we are taking to make Ubuntu as enjoyable as possible.

Very nice. I may have to pick up a cheap Ubuntu Dell and review that.

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