Back Up Your SQL Server Databases with CloudBerry Backup

Back Up Your SQL Server Databases with CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Lab has announced the availability of CloudBerry Backup for SQL Server that automates the process of backing up SQL Server databases to more than 15 supported cloud storage platforms.

The new edition of CloudBerry Backup utilizes native SQL Server backup routines to perform database backup and then moves it directly to one of the public cloud storage services, including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Windows Azure, HP Cloud, Rackspace, and OpenStack.

Cloudberry Backup for Microsoft SQL Server

The latest edition of CloudBerry Backup lets users choose what database to back up and whether to use full, differential, or transaction log backup. Each backup option can be set with a different schedule by either using a custom schedule or a template. In addition, CloudBerry Backup is simple to use and doesn't require additional SQL Server administration knowledge to perform the database backup.

CloudBerry Backup is available immediately and costs $149.99 for a single license. Visit CloudBerry Lab's website to learn more about the offering, or read up on the latest SQL Server backup techniques in "Restoring Database Backups."

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