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Database Automation Software Lets DBAs Skip the Scripts

When it comes to managing enterprise-level databases, the sheer volume of processes and variations can make using scripts for database migration, creation, and management difficult. GridApp Systems recently released GridApp Clarity 6.5, database automation software that uses a model-driven approach rather than scripts to automate processes and activities. DBAs simply define a model that represents the target end state of a system. All the know-how to get to that end state comes with the software.

"Most solutions still handle the deploying, patching, and configuration of end applications through ad-hoc scripts that must be created and maintained. For complex applications like databases, this is simply not practical and rarely works," said Rob Gardos, GridApp Systems CEO. "Clarity uses an automated, model-driven approach to the rapid deployment of standards-based databases as well as data movement and migration for private cloud environments."

With GridApp Clarity 6.5, you can automate many processes and activities, such as cloning databases, migrating data, managing audit policies, performing backups and restores, and managing indexes. You can also create and execute automation to handle any repetitive task for users. For more information, visit

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