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Data Techniques Releases V2 of ImageMan.Net Imaging Toolkit

Data Techniques, a developer of imaging and facsimile development tools, released ImageMan.Net Version 2, the latest version of its managed .NET classes and WinForms controls for building imaging and document management applications in .NET. Among the highlights of Version 2 are the Document Edition, which includes royalty-free OCR, annotation support, drawing classes, and optional support for reading and writing PDF/A and writing searchable PDF files.

The following enhancements are available in all ImageMan.Net editions in Version 2:
• Drawing classes support drawing on all images at their native bit depths.
• performance and miscellaneous enhancements to the codecs
• enhancements to the Viewer and ThumbnailViewer controls

The Document Edition includes these new features in Version 2:
• OCR royalty-free distribution
• annotations support, including an Annotation component and Annotation Toolstrip component and support for reading/writing Wang-compatible annotations
• document processing commands, including blank page detection, border removal, despeckle, and more

Pricing for ImageMan.Net Version 2 starts at $595. You can download a free evaluation toolkit at

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