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JSI Tip 2777. Your computer may hang if You install Service Pack 1 after installing the Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack?

If you installed the Windows 2000 High Encryption pack and failed to restart prior to installing Service Pack 1, your computer may hang while Preparing Network Connections.

To fix the problem, you will need another computer or an alternate install:

1. From the I386 folder of the Service Pack cd-rom, or the I386 folder of the expanded sp1network.exe (Use sp1network.exe /x), type expand -r <SP Drive:>\i386\lsasrv.dl_ a:\ to create a floppy.

2. Boot the Windows 2000 installation media on the problem computer and press F10 when you see Welcome to Setup. This will start the Recovery Console.

3. Copy Lsasrv.dll from the floppy to the %SystemRoot%\System32. Press Yes to overwrite.

4. Type exit to restart your computer.

5. Reinstall the High Encryption pack.

6. Restart you computer.

NOTE: Service Pack 1 does NOT have to be reinstalled.

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