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Identifying BitLocker Encryption per Drive

Identifying BitLocker Encryption per Drive

Q: How can I easily find out whether BitLocker volume encryption is enabled on a certain drive of a Windows system?


A: A very simple and straightforward way to find out the BitLocker encryption status of a drive on a Windows system is to use the manage-bde command line with the -status switch, as follows (in the example, we want to find out the encryption status of the c: drive):

manage-bde -status c:

You can run this command on your local system and if you have remote access privileges you can also run it against remote Windows clients. In the latter case you must add the -computername or –cn switch to the command to specify either the NETBIOS, FQDN or IP address of the remote Windows system: for example, as follows:

manage-bde -status c: -cn

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