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How do I configure multi-protocol net-lib to force encryption of packets in SQL Server?

A. To set up encryption for a specific user

1. Create an account on the machine running SQL Server that matches the
account (same username and password) on the client machine.
2. Turn on encryption for the Multi-Protocol netlib. This can be done for a
specific client or through the server for all clients. For more information,
see "Configuring Clients" in the Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's

To set up encryption for all users

On the machine running SQL Server
1. In the Administrative Tools program group, in the User Manager utility,
from the User menu choose New User.
The New User dialog box appears.
2. In the dialog box, establish a user account with username as token1 and
as password token2.
3. Enable the multiprotocol encryption option by following instructions
described in "Configuring Clients" in the Microsoft SQL Server
Administrator's Companion.
4. Start SQL Server.

On the machine running the client application
1. In the Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 program group, double-click the SQL
Client Configuration Utility.
The SQL Server Client Configuration Utility dialog box appears.
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. For the machine on which you set up the user account, specify a logical
name in the Server box for SQL Server.
4. In the DLL Name list box, select Multi-Protocol.
5. In the Connection String box, type the following:
ncacn_ip_tcp: servername, token1, token2
Specifies the DNS name for the server machine.
Specifies the username of the user account on the server machine.
Specifies the password for the user account on the server machine.
The username and password will be used by the client to establish an
encrypted connection to SQL Server. Note that this user account is a valid
Windows NT account and must be subject to Standard Security.
The user account established on the server machine is not a SQL Server
account. The client application must specify a valid SQL Server username and
password to successfully connect to SQL Server.
If the connection is unsuccessful because of an invalid username or
password, the Multi-Protocol netlib will return error 5 (access denied).

You can also force using the Multi Protocol Net Lib from the client by
putting a network=dbmsrpcn; in your connect string.

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