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Exchange & Outlook UPDATE, Outlook Edition--Outlook FAQs: Mobile Passwords, Customized Views, and Encryption--February 23, 2007

----| Exchange & Outlook UPDATE--Outlook Edition |----

*Commentary: Outlook FAQs: Mobile Passwords, Customized Views, and Encryption
*Robichaux Team to Deliver Exchange Sessions at 9-City Roadshow Tour
*From the Community: Tired of Creating MAPI Profiles? Try RichProfile
*New and Improved: Protect Your Inbox Against Spam



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***COMMENTARY: Outlook FAQs: Mobile Passwords, Customized Views, and Encryption

Q: We've been testing Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) and have found that our users' passwords are being cached. How do we control this behavior?

A: Well, that depends on your users' phones. Here's the situation: OMA uses Basic Web authentication over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to send an authentication request to users' mobile devices, which then can either prompt the users for credentials or return a cached set of credentials. To prevent the annoyance of needing to continually retype your password on a 10-key numeric pad, most cell-phone manufacturers include some kind of caching mechanism in their phones.

OMA isn't the one caching authentication information, so you can do nothing on the server side to prevent the behavior you describe. Whether you can clear the cache and stop the behavior depends on the phone. Some phones include a separate password cache that has a shorter lifetime than the phone's typical cache. Contact the manufacturers of your users' phones to determine whether you can control those phones' caching behavior.
—Paul Robichaux

Q: The Microsoft article "How to use additional command-line switches that are not included in Outlook 2000" ( ) describes a /cleanviews command-line switch that removes view customizations. Does it clean up views in public folders as well as in my mailbox?

A: I ran some tests and, yes, starting Outlook with the /cleanviews switch did remove a custom view that I had created on a public folder with the scope on this folder visible to everyone (which means that the view definition was stored in that folder). However, starting Outlook with /cleanviews didn't remove custom views on folders that I didn't own.

If you're considering using /cleanviews to remove a corrupted view from a mailbox or folder, consider using the mdbvu32.exe tool from the Exchange Server CD-ROM or the OutlookSpy tool from instead. Both these tools let you remove one view without affecting other custom views; /cleanviews removes all views. "Outlook Tips & Techniques," June 2000, , explains where Outlook stores its custom views.
—Sue Mosher

Q: How can I configure Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 for digital signatures and encryption?

A: After a user has the certificates required for digital signatures and encryption installed, enabling them in Outlook is relatively simple. To do so, perform these steps:
1. Open Outlook and Select Options from the Tools menu.
2. Select the Security tab and click Settings.
3. If you're prompted to "Get a Digital ID," you don't have certificates. Otherwise, the dialog box will show "My S/MIME Settings ()" as the Security Settings Name, and S/MIME as the Cryptography Format, as the figure at shows.
4. Click OK.

When an Outlook user sends email, the client displays two buttons that enable digital signing and encryption of messages, as the figure at shows.

When a user receives a digitally signed message, the user will see a padlock and ribbon icon above the message body. You can view the signature validation by clicking the ribbon icon, as the figure at shows.

To enable encrypted messages to be sent, both sender and recipients need each others' public keys, so a digitally signed message must have been sent in advance and a reply sent from the recipient (which shares the public keys). If keys are published in Active Directory (AD), you can send encrypted messages to a recipient with no prior communication. If you don't have access to the recipient's public key, you'll receive an error message stating which recipients had missing or invalid certificates.

You might also see the error message if you're using Outlook 2003 in cached mode and you're trying to mail someone who only recently acquired public key infrastructure (PKI) services (within the past 24 hours). Outlook 2003 cached mode queries the Offline Address Book (OAB), which it only downloads every 24 hours. If you know the recipient does have a certificate, force a download of the latest copy of the OAB (Tools, Send/Receive, Download Address Book). You might also need to force a rebuild of the OAB on the Exchange server (which by default is updated each day at 4 A.M.) To force a rebuild, open Exchange System Manager (ESM), select Recipients, Offline Address Lists. Right-click Default Offline Address List and select Rebuild. You should perform this rebuild before downloading the OAB from the Outlook client.

As with digital signatures, if a message is encrypted, a padlock icon appears on the message header. Click the icon to display more information.
—John Savill


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***Robichaux Team to Deliver Exchange Sessions at 9-City Roadshow Tour

Paul Robichaux and his team will unveil Microsoft's vision for Unified Communications, explain Exchange Server 2007 architecture and deployment, and introduce new security and compliance capabilities of Exchange 2007 at a roadshow event kicking off in New York on March 27. Other sessions will cover unified messaging (UM) and real-time communications using Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Produced by Windows IT Pro and sponsored by Microsoft, AMD, Dell, HP, Mimosa Systems, and Quest Software, this one-day event will give attendees a comprehensive overview of the real-world implications of deploying Exchange 2007 and Unified Communications technology.

Cities currently scheduled for the tour are New York on March 27, Atlanta on March 29, Denver on April 10, Chicago on April 12, San Francisco on April 17, Anaheim on April 19, Dallas on April 24, and Boston on April 26.

Attendee fee is $99, which includes a full day of content, access to presentation decks, a one-year subscription to Windows IT Pro magazine (or extension for current subscribers), T-shirt and attendee bags with additional information from Exchange third-party vendors, and the opportunity to win special prizes. Full agenda, session abstracts, and speaker details are available at:


***From the Community

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