Who Do You Trust To Protect Your Privacy?

Nearly two million people recently found their privacy invaded in ways they probably didn't image would happen. Trust isn't all its cracked up to be.

Various people have reported and discussed the fact that a huge number of people's personal information was disclosed without their permission. Intruders broke into LexisNexis and stole the private information of approximately 32,000 people . Included in the data were social security numbers, driver's license numbers, names, addresses, and more. Meanwhile people blame the intruders... go figure.

Add to that the fact that ChoicePoint managed to reveal personal information of at least 145,000 people -- a number which has grown from the original report of 35,000 as the outcry continues. Apparently they have something to hide.

Bank of America somehow lost backup tapes that contain private information about 1.2 million federal employees ... Lost backup tapes?!?!


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