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Resources: Exploit Guard; Threat Mitigation; Cloud Privacy; User Identities; Office 365 Cheat Sheet

I was looking through the various links I have collected over the last few weeks and realized I had a few that have not made it to this site to share with all of you.

So this article is a catch up to list various resources including how-to's, feature explanations, and white papers about various Microsoft technologies that are important to IT Pros and System Admins.

These will be handy whether you are already using Windows 10 or the Microsoft Cloud or as you evaluate them for your own organizations use.

Moving Beyond EMET II – Windows Defender Exploit Guard

Microsoft decided to deprecate EMET last fall but received a lot of feedback from customers about that services value.

In response to that feedback, Microsoft will now incorporate many of the EMET II features into the new Windows Defender Exploit Guard which means the benefits of EMET II will be built directly into Windows instead of being a seperate program.

This article shows you those features at work and explains how you can start testing them prior to the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which will happen on 17 October.

Threat Mitigations in Windows 10

This blog post talks about how threats have changed over the years and explains how Windows as a Service (WaaS) helps to better protect users through threat mitigations that are built into the operating system.

White Paper: Privacy in Microsoft Cloud Services

By far one of the biggest discussion points around Windows 10 over the last two years.

"This document provides details on Microsoft’s privacy principles and privacy standards, which guide the collection and use of customer and partner information and give our employees a clear framework to help ensure that we manage data responsibly."

White Paper: Managing user identities and secure access at Microsoft

Learn from one of the largest tech companies in the world by reading about how they manage their user identities for employees, suppliers, and partners.

"Microsoft IT uses a combination of tools to manage identities and network access for all employees, suppliers, and partners. Our flexible hybrid environment uses features of Azure Active Directory and on-premises identity and access management solutions."

White Paper: Office 365 Overview and Business Plan Cheat Sheet

If you are using or exploring the possible migration to Office 365 this cheat sheet will help you understand the the various subscriptions that are available.


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