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Quick Tip: Master These Privacy Tips for Your Facebook Account

(Bloomberg) -- It's likely that you're among Facebook's now 2 billion users. But you might not have known just how much information you're sharing with the outside world when you use the social media platform. Follow the instructions below to take control of your privacy settings. 

1. When you use your Facebook account to log in to other apps, Facebook can track your activity on those services. If that makes you uncomfortable, there's a way to disable that (but you will lose your ability to log into any third-party apps and websites with your Facebook account). Here's how: 

Go to "Settings" in the Facebook app Scroll down to "Apps" Click on "Platform" Click "Edit"  Turn off "Platform"
2. Third-party apps used by your Facebook friends can also see personal information about you. You don't have to worry about that if you turned "Platform" off above. But let's say you still want to maintain Facebook's integration with other apps. You can still take these steps: 

Go to "Settings" in the Facebook app Scroll down to "Apps" again Click "Apps others use" Uncheck key details (e.g. birthday, relationships, religious views) to block access. 

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