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New video highlights Microsoft's Privacy and Data Protection efforts

New video highlights Microsoft's Privacy and Data Protection efforts

In our online existence privacy and security are two of the biggest concerns when it comes to our data.

Whether you store your information in the cloud or on your local hard drive the safety and security of that data is important to all of us.

It requires trust in the company you choose and its services to create a level of confidence that steps are being taken to protect your information. Just like in the real world if that trust is broken it can be hard to earn it back.

Microsoft has been very public about its efforts to protect customer data and to adopt policies that safeguard that information above all else.

They have done this recently by continuing to fight the US government over a search warrant for customer data in Ireland, being the first big cloud services provider to adopt a new international standard for cloud privacy and consistently stating their support to update and replace outdated privacy laws here in the US.

Now they are working to increase awareness of these efforts and the overall global concerns about privacy and data protection in a new video.

"With more than two billion devices connected to the cloud every day, trust in the cloud is critical. But concerns about government surveillance and the rise of cybercrime have eroded people’s trust in the technologies they depend on to store and share information. At Microsoft, we work to protect customer data in our cloud to help ensure our customers stay in control of their own data."

How do you feel about Microsoft's work in this area? Are they doing enough to earn your trust?

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