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Microsoft Trust Center Updated with Additional Legal, Compliance, Security, and Privacy Information

Microsoft Trust Center Updated with Additional Legal, Compliance, Security, and Privacy Information

As we have learned over the last 18 months since the release of Windows 10, talking about things up front and with clarity such as privacy, can help to clear up confusion and establish the parameters that a company will approach different situations.

It took Microsoft about a year before they made a concerted effort to discuss privacy around Windows 10 and it seems to be making a difference in people's perceptions and understanding of how the company uses personal data.

Privacy and trust of data that is stored in the Microsoft Cloud has also garnered headlines around the world and the company is continuing their effort to make sure customers understand how their data is handled across various Microsoft cloud services.

The Microsoft Trust Center was first launched in November 2015 to provide a single portal for information relating to all of their cloud based services so that customers can find resources necessary to make sound business decisions about their data in those services.

Last week, Microsoft announced an update to the Microsoft Trust Center that brings new and updated information to customers.

There are four new areas in this revision to the Microsoft Trust Center:

Access to protected content, including SOC and ISO 27001 audit reports, certifications, and product security assessments, integrated into the Trust Center pages through the Service Trust Platform, which is available to customers with an active or trial subscription to one of Microsoft’s business cloud services.

A GDPR homepage that will serve as the company’s main resource for customers on the road to GDPR compliance, including guides to how some of our existing products and services, like Azure, Dynamics 365, and Office 365 can help you with the solutions you need to tackle each step of GDPR compliance.

Information and guidance specific to key organizational roles, including business managers, tenant admins or data security teams, risk assessment and privacy officers, and legal compliance teams.

New content areas, including resources for accessibility compliance, cybercrime, and industry-focused pages on finance, health, and media.

You can also find information in the Trust Center based on various positions within an organization to help focus your research:

Microsoft also shares their four key principles for the Trusted Cloud which include security, privacy, compliance and transparency.

As the companies cloud based services continue to grow, providing this type of information is going to be critical to helping current and potential customers understand the approach Microsoft takes when it comes to customer data and its protection.


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