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CES 2017: Camera Privacy Covers for Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones

CES 2017: Camera Privacy Covers for Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones

When I walked around CES last week, it tended to be the big flashy items that caught mine and others attentions during the massive annual consumer electronics fest.

I mean the bells and whistles, flashing lights and noises made by certain products draw us in and get our attention.

However, if you move to the edges of the show floors where the smaller vendors are located the booths are much less flashy and you can find some real useful items as well.

One of the companies I came across during those fringe explorations was C-Slide. They specialize in building covers for the webcams on your laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

I know safety, security, and privacy are always big talking points when it comes to our electronic tethers to the online world but sometimes a simple item like a webcam cover can add an extra layer of privacy that can be helpful.

C-Slide Webcam Covers

To be honest, until I saw C-Slide in their booth, I had not thought about webcam covers and whether these types of devices really need them. I am not paranoid when it comes to cameras on my devices however, if I can add an inexpensive option to close them off to anyone who might be able to remotely exploit them then it is certainly worth considering the option.

C-Slide webcam covers come in black, white and silver options plus there are options for plastic or metal. They use a double sided sticky tape to adhere to your devices and the company can even imprint them with your company logo in bulk if you decide to deploy them on your organizations hardware.

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