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Microsoft Learn and Role Based Certifications Announced

The work environments that IT Pros have been part of over the years continue to change. The cloud continues to play a more prominent role in how services are delivered to customers. That means IT Pros who are new to this environment need to get up to speed in the cloud sooner rather than later. Microsoft understands this and is launching Microsoft Learn and a roles-based certifications process.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- This week Microsoft is hosting almost 30,000 IT professionals from around the world at their largest annual tech conference – Microsoft Ignite. During the kick-off Vision Keynote by Satya Nadella and follow-on Technical Keynotes from other senior leadership of the company, the message continued to be very clear. The cloud is the backbone and conduit for nearly every new service and capability the company launches. This means IT pros, even those who still work in an on-premises environment, must begin their learning journey to the cloud. Otherwise, there is a real risk of not being ready for that next career step when it comes. Today two initiatives were announced, Microsoft Learn and roles based certifications, that are intended to help IT Pros in the Microsoft ecosystem to become well versed in the cloud.

Microsoft Learn was designed to be beneficial to IT developers, architects, and IT administrators across a wide range of backgrounds. Of course, when you are on the job doing your job as an IT Pro, there is rarely time to spend reading and learning about these new technologies. Sometimes, this intake has to be reduced down to small blocks of information that are segmented and build upon each other over time in order to make the learning possible. This the view Microsoft took as they created Microsoft Learn.

With today’s announcement at Microsoft Ignite, over 80 hours’ worth of content was made available for the companies Azure, Dynamics, and Power BI technologies. This learning will prepare you for certification exams targeted for developers, administrators, and solution architects.

According to Microsoft, it is laid out by learning paths which cover the entire spectrum of that technology to assist you in acquiring a wide-ranging skillset in that area.

The segments consist of step by step tutorials that include free limited time access to Azure services, so you can learn using the actual technologies and not simulations.

Microsoft Learn has built-in site tools so you can track your progress, verify your knowledge and learning, plus the ability to earn a series of points, levels, achievements, and trophies to mark your learning journey.

The current Learning Paths include:

  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Solution Architect
  • Business User
  • Business Analyst

Each of those three Azure roles shown above, correlate to a new role based Microsoft Technical Certification in those areas that were also announced today at Microsoft Ignite.

If you are already in the Microsoft ecosystem or are new to it, Microsoft is making this very straightforward for you to learn and develop skills to be successful in the Microsoft cloud. The training is free and delivered in such a way that you can move along at your pace – fast or slow – and still gain the knowledge you need because that learning and its consumption is at your discretion.

There is nothing better that an IT Pro can do for themselves in this ever changing and evolving technology landscape.

John F Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. I have always interpreted this to mean that if you want to be an effective leader in any field, then you must be willing to learn at all times.

The opportunity is here with Microsoft Learn.

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