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10 Enterprise Applications for Blockchain Technology

There’s more to blockchain technology than crypto and NFTs. Discover 10 uses that could change how enterprises do business.

When author Charles Edge began working on his 21st book, a history of computing, he mostly viewed blockchain technology as the domain of crypto bros and nonfungible token (NFT) traders. That impression of the tech isn’t unusual. Blockchain is often thought to be synonymous with cryptocurrencies or NFTs, while it is in fact the tech that makes both those trends possible.

Crypto and NFTs are increasingly popular, but they’re usually associated with pop culture, the fashion and art worlds -- and with scams. But as Edge has since discovered, there are uses for blockchain that have a lot of enterprise potential. 

“There are real-world uses that any company can benefit from,” Edge said of blockchain technology.

In this slideshow, we explore 10 of those enterprise applications.

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