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Daily Update: Colorado Trip, Verizon iPhone 4 Tear Down, More

Good morning.

I was traveling yesterday and will be in Fort Collins, CO all week for work-related meetings.

iSuppli has issued a preliminary report about its iPhone 4 for Verizon tear down and, as expected, and contrary to David Pogue's BS claims, the new version of the iPhone "employs a dual-antenna design that takes advantage of antenna diversity to improve reception." Point being: Apple shouldn't be used as a source for facts. Neither should Pogue.

There's a preview of a new Kindle device firmware out, version 3.1, which adds some neat new features, including true page numbers, public shared notes, bookmarks, and reading progress, and a new layout for periodicals. Right now, you have to manually install the update over USB. When it's finalized, it will be delivered wirelessly to Kindle owners.

DEC co-founder and industry pioneer Ken Olsen has passed away at the age of 84.
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