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Daily Update: Bott on WP7, iPod Retina Display, More

Good afternoon.

Ed Bott asks When does Windows Phone 7 get its grand opening? Exactly. I'm excited to see Ed dipping his toes in the Windows Phone waters. This platform needs someone with Ed's authority, voice, and insight. Speak it, brother!

The last time I was traveling, I spoke to a friend about the possibility of Apple including a Retina Display in the next iPad. He explained that such a thing was impossible, since Apple would have to cram a 10-inch screen a resolution with more pixels than its 30-inch desktop display. But I responded that an iPad Retina Display only had to be "high DPI," or "200 DPI or more," and not the exact DPI (326) as that of the iPhone 4. And if the latest rumors are correct, that's exactly what's happening. To me "Retina Display" doesn't mean a certain DPI. It just means (really) high DPI. And yet another reason to have waited for the Gen-2 iPad.

Speaking of Apple, Consumer Reports has opined on the Verizon/iPhone 4 link-up, accurately describing it as a "short-lived" money-grab, since an iPhone 5 is coming just months from now. There's nothing there I already didn't cover in my own article, iPhone 4 on Verizon: Is it Time to Switch? I guess this stuff is just common sense.

Does HP have the right strategy to take on the iPad and Android tablets? Nope. Neither does Microsoft, for whatever that's worth.

Cool! Sega announces it is bringing a collection of Dreamcast games to the PC and Xbox 360.

OK, time to get ready for football...
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