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Daily Update: Apple Hilarity, W3C and Do Not Track

Good morning.

This one is hilarious. Apple COO Tim Cook said that he wants Apple products to be "for everyone," not "just for the rich." Ahahaha. Come on, Tim. Did you just suddenly wake up and realize that your products are over-priced? Case in point: Two-thirds of PC sales are for machines that costs less than $500. Meanwhile, Apple's lowest priced computer, the Mac mini, starts at $700. And its lowest price notebook starts at $1000. Tim, your products are expensive. Always have been.

So far, I'm passing on the iPhone 5. Please repeat after me: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

Slightly more reasonable: Of course, the next iPhone is likely evolutionary, not revolutionary. Well, yeah. Aside from the first one, they've all been evolutionary. That's sort of the point.

This is a week old (sorry, I was on vacation), but, W3C to consider Microsoft's "do not track" proposal for standard. Obviously, we need one standard for this, not a different approach in each browser.

Ford ships Microsoft-powered car tech to Europe. And before anyone starts up a round of lame "what if Microsoft built a car" jokes, have you actually tried Ford Sync? It's pretty awesome.

At least one industry executive believes the Microsoft/Nokia linkup is a good idea. An executive from Vodaphone said this week that the partnership will be a positive thing for the market overall, and will create a fourth smart phone platform alongside iOS, Android, and Blackberry.
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