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Daily Update: Angry Birds on Windows Phone, Microsoft's Rumored Set-Top Box, More

Good morning.

I've known all along that, despite the silliness and Rovio's weird (and, I think, staged) indignation about being included in a Windows Phone 7 graphic with their consent, that Angry Birds was indeed coming to Microsoft's new smart phone platform. It always was. So now that the company has finally confirmed this, the only logical headline would be something along the lines of Confirmed: Angry Birds is Coming to Windows Phone. Right? Maybe not: Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 won’t launch for months. Sigh.

Microsoft may compete with Apple TV, Google TV at CES. Oh, are they re-releasing Media Center (still around, in market since 2002) or re-lauching the Xbox 360 (still around, in market since 2005)? Maybe this could/should have been written as Microsoft Allegedly Developing Media Hub. Or maybe I'm just a fanboy because I didn't construct that in way that makes Microsoft look late to some party.

Apple's market cap hit $302.32 billion on Monday, well ahead of Microsoft, which is valued at a paltry $239.38 billion. Yikes!

Busy day today: Some tech edits to finish, and early Windows Weekly, and prepping for this weekend's focus group. Off for a bit...
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