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Daily Update 2, The Quickening

Good afternoon.

A few more things today...

Preston Gralla asks what I think is an excellent question: Why did Microsoft's Steve Ballmer publicly oust Bob Muglia? Yeah, really. Why did Microsoft's Steve Ballmer publicly oust Bob Muglia? One extreme possibility: There have been a lot of calls for Ballmer to step down. I wonder if this was him asserting his authority/power? Obviously, I have no idea.

Here's something unexpected: Google is pulling H.264 support from Chrome and will focus on VP8 instead. Thanks to Nathan W. for the tip.

Just a thought ... What CES and the Verizon iPad announcement prove from the perspective of a journalist or blogger. You don't have to be there. I mean, can you imagine flying cross-country for that tiny little Verizon press conference today? What a waste of time.

Speaking of Verizon, one little bit that was under-reported today, and this is true whether the journalist/blogger was there for the announcement or not, is that Verizon is also getting a new version of the iPad with CDMA chips inside. At least the lack of simultaneous voice and data won't be an issue there.

OK, back to work...
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