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Wearing SharePoint On Your Sleeve

I know, I know, it takes a lot to please you when it comes to IT t-shirts. Believe me, I've seen some dogs myself. And I think my employer has been responsible for a few of those. But recently I've seen some fairly good t-shirts in the SharePoint arena. Here's a sampling.

First, there’s the basic SHARE. This is Colligo’s version.

Bamboo Solutions is pretty proud of its t-shirt:

This SharePoint t-shirt offers a glimpse into the wilds of farm-level administration.

Here's a simple, yet tasty SharePint t-shirt, which reminds us of Andrew Connell since he’s been hosting the ever-popular SharePints.

Here’s one for the SharePoint devs: WSPs rule!

Shane Young, Steve Caravajal, and Todd Klindt
offered an interesting take on t-shirts at their book signing: The shirt says “I was Todd, Shane, and Steve’s first!” Okay, so you had to be there. No, really, you had to be there to get it.

And finally, Christian Buckley, SharePoint evangelist at Axceler, came up with most creative SharePoint t-shirt yet. It’s an image of Cher and a hand pointing. (He also has a creative presentation that matches the trajectory of Cher's career with the trajectory of SharePoint's rise in popularity. Here are some slide decks he and Gail Schlansky used. ) I don't know how you could get the shirt, unless you hit the Axceler booth at a conference. Here's a link to their blog for more info.

Of course, my husband, when he saw the image, said "Cher Hand?" but after some nudging got the "Cher Point" part.

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