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Video: What are SharePoint 2013 Community Sites?

Video: What are SharePoint 2013 Community Sites?

See what features you can use in SharePoint 2013 community sites via this great video from Asif Rehmani.

Through a partnership with VisualSP, we bring you a series of videos that provide step-by-step instruction in a variety of practical SharePoint tasks. Want more? Let us know what you need to know about in the comments section below or by writing to SharePoint Pro Editor Deb Donston-Miller.

SharePoint 2013 comes with a community site template. This type of site can be used to hold forum-like discussions.

Members of the site can browse and discover relevant content by exploring categories, sorting discussions by popularity, or by viewing only posts that have a best reply.

Members gain reputation points by participating in the community, such as starting discussions and replying to them, liking posts, and specifying best replies.

This video shows off the various features of the community site in SharePoint 2013.

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