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Trends: Learning Your SharePoint ABCs

What are the major trends affecting SharePoint? I think the buzz words we see in SharePoint mirror those of the larger IT ecosystem. I call them the SharePoint ABCs.

B is Not for Buzzword

These trends are just of the moment, and likely soon eclipsed by the next new buzzword. We could as easily have substituted “collaboration” for cloud and “social” for security, and gone beyond “C” to “D” for data, but that’s the topic for another article.

In fact, to some, these ABCs may already be the equivalent of yesterday's old-school "Gee whiz! We will all drive cars that fly" prediction.

Still, who could have predicted even ten years ago that collaboration would be a topic taken seriously in the workplace and in education? (Except in most test-taking scenarios in American schools, where collaboration is still a no-no. Sorry, kids.)  And social media in the workplace? Managers actually requiring employees to use Yammer? Unthinkable!

A is for Apple?

One trend I'm interested in is Microsoft losing its fear of the A word. Yes, I mean Apple.

Microsoft's Julia White demoing "Oslo" on an Apple iPad was just the beginning. Today's announcement of Microsoft's release of Office for iPad was noteworthy, I think, given Microsoft's attempt at creating its own tablet. It's almost like a technological equivalent of a papal blessing of the iPad for work. (Though totally unintended.)

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But let's go with the opinion of experienced and savvy tech watcher and journalist, Paul Thurrott, who wrote in his review of Office for iPad:

"Microsoft's release of Office for iPad is either the monumental tech story of the decade or it's too little, too late. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle...."

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