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Skype for Windows Desktop Hits Version 6.5

Skype for Windows Desktop Hits Version 6.5

Skype soldiers ahead with new improvements and bug fixes

Skype this week released a new version of its Windows desktop application, bumping the version number up to 6.5 while improving video messaging and making it easier to add and send contact requests. Skype 6.5 also includes several important bug fixes.

The video messaging feature was originally made available in preview form in early May. With this week’s update, video messaging remains in preview but now features improved stability. Video messaging is also easier to find, and has improved notifications.

Also new to this release is improved handling contact requests. “Accepting a contact request will now appear right in your instant message view,” Skype says in a post describing the update.

Finally, Skype has fixed a number of bugs in 6.5 related to file transfers, network issues, keyboard navigation, and stability.

You can download Skype 6.5 for Windows desktop from the Skype web site.

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