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Skype Updated for Windows Desktop and Windows Phone 8

A few steps forward but, on Windows Phone 8, a number of remaining issues

Skype today released minor updates to its Windows desktop application and Windows Phone 8 app. But the Microsoft business unit noted that it is still trying to address some key issues with the Windows Phone 8 app, with fixes to come at a later date.

Skype for the Windows desktop has been updated to version 6.3. This update includes no new features but instead “improves the quality and stability of the application.”

Skype for Windows Phone 8, meanwhile, gets bumped to version 2.6. This version of the app adds the following fixes:

- Increased chat reliability

- Increased call notification reliability

- Improvements in call reliability to phone numbers

- Fix for occasional missing message preview in the recent conversations list

But Skype has identified a slew of remaining issues with the Windows Phone 8 app, including multiple notifications when messaged by a Messenger contact, continued ringing when a call is answered on another device, video disruption when a video call is put in the background and then resumed, an unread message count that doesn’t change when messages are read on other devices, and an error where missed video calls appear as audio calls.

I’ve certainly experienced a few of these and have in fact removed Skype from my own Windows Phone handsets as a result. Hopefully they’re fixed soon.

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