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Skype for Business Protocol Workloads Posters Available for Download

Today's the day when Microsoft will deliver updates for Lync that will transform the server and client applications into the rebranded Skype for Business solution. Companies will be scrambling to test the update, but Microsoft wants the changes to happen quickly. The company is providing options, such as PowerShell cmdlets, to help businesses delay the transformation, but the hope is that a couple month window is enough.

To help ease into the changes, Microsoft is starting to trickle-out newly rebranded, informational material. A new set of Protocol Workloads posters for Skype for Business is available for download today and more are on the way.

The download includes 7 pages of posters, including:

  • IM and Presence

  • A/V and Web Conferencing

  • Application Sharing

  • Enterprise Voice

  • Certificate Requirements

  • CMS

  • DNS Configuration

Get them here (PDF and VSDX formats): Skype for Business 2015 Protocol Workloads Poster

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