Skype Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone, without the App

Skype Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone, without the App

Skype is Microsoft’s popular messaging and communication app that works across Windows, iOS and Android. The company is still progressing on a Universal App version, with a test version available now in the Windows Store, but the service is already used far and wide.

However, for quick link-ups and recorded sessions, there is a large contingent of online users that use things like WhatsApp and Google Hangouts. These services don’t need to rely on specific apps to provide connectivity.

Microsoft is providing a new feature in Skype for Windows, Skype for Mac, and Skype for Web that will allow anyone using the app to send a link to anyone on an iPhone, iPad or Android device and be able to connect directly to a Skype conversation over the web. No need to have the Skype app installed, or have it running to get connection alerts – just tap or click the provided link and a Skype session will be initiated.

This feature is live now for US customers.

The company plans to roll this out worldwide in the coming weeks.

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