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Shillin' for SharePoint

Maybe you’ve seen Steve Mann’s InfoPath Holiday Poem? It starts out:


InfoPath with SharePoint 2010 Holiday Poem


Twas the night before deployment, when all through the farm,
Not a service was stirring, not even an alarm*.
The forms were all published to a network location with care,
In hopes that the Admin will map a drive there.

The secondary data sources were all snug in their connection,
While the Secure Store Service provided protection.
And the assembly all built, and placed in the cache,
Had just settled strong names with keys to match.

When out on the farm there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the VM to see what was the matter.


Even though he’s flogging for his book on InfoPath, I think he should get an A for effort and creativity.

Here are some InfoPath articles from SharePointPro Connections magazine that are admittedly less poetic than Mann's poem, but no less entertaining:

  1. SharePoint Q &A: InfoPath Designer 2010 message says By default this control will send data to the server whenever its value changes, by Wilansky, Kowalewski, and Stojecki
  2. Speeding InfoPath 2010 Custom Form Deployment to External Lists, by Ethan Wilansky and Tomek Stojecki
  3. SharePoint Q&A: How do I submit the InfoPath 2010 form programmatically to an external list? by Stojecki, Kowalewski, and Wilansky
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