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SharePoint: What's On Your Agenda This Week?

SharePoint: What's On Your Agenda This Week?

Products research, a conference at a cool place, a developer reporter, best practices

If it's snowing in Colorado, then you know it's mid April. (Full disclosure: It did snow, yesterday. And that picture of the woman feeding goldfish from a boat is not me. We only have brown trout in little Harmony Lake behind our office. And some very vocal, very testy Canada geese.) That means it's almost time for Microsoft TechEd, summer e-learning at SharePoint Pro, and getting some great new writers on board at the SharePoint Pro website. Here's what's happening…

SharePoint Tools

This week the team is discussing and researching products in the SharePoint space. It's amazing the sheer variety of SharePoint and Office 365 solutions—everything from A to W (administrative tools to workflow solutions). We're always curious to hear what readers are using, so call us out on Twitter at @sharepoint_pro or comment below.

Best Practices

I'm meeting with SQL Server Pro's web content manager, Jayleen Heft, to go over best practices for managing websites, social media, and SEO. If you haven't seen SQL Server Pro, check it out. Then I'll be talking to Blair Greenwood, who is covering the SharePoint developer beat, to see what's new in her world (spoiler alert: she's been hitting Azure pretty hard lately). Check out her reports from Build 2014.

Conference News

Megan Keller, our intrepid editorial director, is back checking out the IT/Dev Connections Conference venue in Las Vegas. The September 15-19 event this year is going to be at ARIA, and the word is the facilities are awesome. Now it's up to the conference content chairs to deliver their selections soon for sessions and speakers. We'll have more later about that, and about a special related event coming in June.

What are you doing this week in your world?


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