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SharePoint Solution Vendor Sets Out to Disrupt the Status Quo

SharePoint Solution Vendor Sets Out to Disrupt the Status Quo

When Metalogix acquired Idera’s SharePoint business, it also acquired its SharePoint backup solution. Now, after a series of performance improvements and stabilization changes, and added support for SharePoint 2013, it’s ready—just in time for Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 (SPC14) no less, which starts next week.

But the backup-solution biz is a slow-moving one—you don’t see customers leaping from one solution to another very often. And some vendors count on that, says Metalogix chief strategy and marketing officer, Jignesh Shah.

How does a company get people to switch backup solutions?

Which is why Metalogix is “disrupting” the backup solution space by running a unique offer for SharePoint Backup. The company is offering the chance to switch now to Metalogix SharePoint Backup for half the cost of an organization’s existing backup maintenance contract, guaranteed, Shah says.

Additionally, the company has some “major announcements” planned for SPC14 next week, Shah says.

Both Shah and Trevor Hellebuyck, Metalogix CTO for product management and architecture see SPC14 as significant for the Microsoft’s messaging around on-premises.

“85 percent of SharePoint implementations are on prem or on Azure or Rackspace,” Shah says. “We do see a growing place for cloud and Office 365, but absolutely there’s a need for on-prem.”

“Most ISVs would be smart if they hedged their bet—Office 365 is growing but on-prem will grow too,” Hellebuyck noted.

What are they looking forward to hearing more about at SPC 14?

Shah: “Learning more about Yammer and Office 365 integration, a re-orientation around on-premises.”

Hellebuyck: “Bill Baer’s been public about it—hybrid has been lost in the messaging. There’ll be a reaffirmation of on prem, and how to manage and deploy hybrid.”

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