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SharePoint New and Improved Products: Workflow, Security, and More

I get a wave of product announcements every day, all relating in some way to SharePoint. Here's a sampling from my Inbox of new and improved SharePoint products that have come up in the last few months.

SharePoint Add-Ons and Training

Offering 10 SharePoint enhancements, the Bamboo Select package says it will "help you build better lists, sites, and powerful custom applications with no coding required." Bamboo Solutions offers free installation support, and, what is interesting here, four hours of free training "to make sure you're getting the most from SharePoint and Bamboo Select." The package includes Calendar Plus; World Clock & Weather; List Search; List Rollup; Data-Viewer; Rating Column; Chart Plus, List Rotator; and more. See the Bamboo Solutions site for more info.

SharePoint Security

Idera’s new SharePoint security solution is called SharePoint encrypt. It encrypts and controls access to sensitive content in SharePoint and secures it from unauthorized users as well as administrators with privileged user access rights, while ensuring that authorized users have transparent access to the information they need. It uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, and its key management policies give you the option to set key length, key change interval, and key expiration date to comply with such regulatory requirements as HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS. SharePoint encrypt also provides audit logs and reporting. To learn more, see Idera's SharePoint encrypt website.

SharePoint Integration

EntropySoft announced that its EntropySoft Connectors now integrate on-site applications with Office 365 to move data to and from the cloud. When used in conjunction with Content Hub Professional or Enterprise Editions, any transfer of content to and from Office 365 is possible. The EntropySoft SharePoint Connector supports all SharePoint lists, including document libraries, calendar, tasks, issues, discussion boards, contacts, and more, all SharePoint objects, and offers a read/write feature. Connecting to a SharePoint site gives you access to all site content and sub-site content. The connector also has a “repository discovery” feature providing automatic access to all site collections in a farm. See EntropySoft's site for more.

SharePoint Consulting Meets Search

DocPoint Solutions, a company that designs content and information management solutions using the SharePoint platform, recently announced its partnership with Concept Searching, a software provider specializing in metadata generation, search, classification and taxonomy management. With a focus on document and records management within ECM, DocPoint Solutions offers SharePoint planning and design, integration and implementation, staffing, hosting, customized training, and more. To learn more, see the DocPoint Solutions website

SharePoint Workflow Add-On

Business process automation company Adaptive offers Winshuttle Forms and Workflow Engine for SharePoint. Winshuttle is a document and forms workflow add-on for SharePoint that lets people of various technical backgrounds and skills participate and collaborate in the creation of applications. Using the Winshuttle Designer, process owners can create workflows to automate complex business processes, using a Visio-like flowchart designer consisting of swim lanes, activities, and transitions. Process participants use a Web browser to view and interact with the forms and the underlying workflow. See Adaptive for more information. 

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