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SharePoint New and Improved Products: Video Help Desk, Imaging, Analytics, and PDFs

SharePoint Help via In-Context Videos

VisualSP is a SharePoint Help system from Asif Rehmani's It offers SharePoint users in-context, on-demand Help videos, with the goal of helping users become proficient and comfortable in SharePoint, thereby increasing end-user adoption. Videos are contextual, found within the SharePoint ribbon, and displayed in a pop-up window. VisualSP installs as a Feature in your SharePoint farm. It also offers the ability to customize videos, screenshots, and documents that are displayed. To learn more, and to see a list of videos and content, visit the website.

Transforming Paper into SharePoint Documents

Kodak's Info Activate solution functions inside SharePoint, letting you capture paper documents and incorporate them into SharePoint. It offers a customizable interface, image enhancement that optimizes readability, OCR-assisted manual indexing, and live monitoring and reporting, as well as support for various content types. With the optional workflow module, businesses can model and redesign their processes. To learn more, see the Kodak website

Getting Granular with SharePoint Web Analytics

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint now supports SharePoint 2013. A web-analytics solution for sites and portals based on SharePoint, it supports SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 as well. It offers real-time reporting, cross-linked reports and the ability to drill down, Web Parts with reports data, Active Directory integration, departmental reporting, and reports that dig granularly into such areas as visits and visitors, content and traffic, documents, list items, content types, search, performance, and more. To learn more, see the HarePoint website.

SharePoint and PDF Forms Integration

PDF Share Forms enables business users to use PDF forms in SharePoint. PDF forms run in Adobe Acrobat applications (including Adobe Reader) without the constraints of a browser. The solution lets you use digital signatures and leverage SharePoint Secured Storage Service. It also offers mobile device support (e.g., Apple iPad client runtime), a web-based form designer and mapping tool, and portable form templates. Nintex Workflow support is also now available. A version is also available for Office 365 SharePoint Online, called PDF Share Forms On Demand. To learn more, see the PDF Share Form website

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