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SharePoint Influencers and Attendees

Tweets from the SharePoint Connections conference in Europe

Last week, Global 360 and KnowledgeLake announced the SharePoint Influencer50. The Influencer50 recognizes fifty of the top "influencers" of SharePoint purchasing decisions--people to whom the community in the USA turns when making that all-important decision about whether to shell out for SharePoint. Last week, the "System Integrators/Consultants" category was announced, and this week the “Solution Providers” category was released. 

The two companies hired an independent analyst firm to study the market, to determine the scope and impact of various influencers. Interestingly, the study includes negative influencers--people who are effectively influencing the market not to buy SharePoint, as well as those of us who evangelize SharePoint and its ecosystem of ISVs.

I was, to be honest, both flattered and (more so) surprised to be on the resulting list of the top 50 influencers, particularly when I discovered that I'm among folks whom I respect and admire so greatly. It also reminded me of the responsibility I have to continue to be out there, shining light on both the triumphs and the blemishes of SharePoint. 

I don't take that responsibility lightly, and I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank YOU for listening, and for giving me the opportunity to help you succeed with this amazing and complex technology platform called SharePoint.  I hope I continue to earn the trust and ear of the market, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions!

This week, I am in The Hague, Netherlands, at Microsoft SharePoint Connections 2010 Autumn. I really enjoy presenting to European audiences—they face challenges that are less common in the USA, and they are very willing to share their experiences and opinions, so I always come away having learned a lot! 

It is interesting to see what attendees find interesting, so I’d like to share some of the tweets we’re getting on the #SPC10 keyword.  I hope that some of these tips and comments are as interesting to you as they are to me!  And, you can join us at the next Connections event in Vegas in just four weeks.  So here are some of the things that our attendees and presenters thought were worth sharing via Twitter:

  • Profile pictures are automatically resized in SharePoint 2010 Finally! This was such a bottleneck for loading MySite in 2007 (@fotograaf)
  • If a SharePoint PowerShell command has a -filter parameter, it's usually resource intensive! (@leonzandman)
  • Use -filter parameter to filter server-side and prevent huge traffic being sent to the client. And filter early (Filter Left rule) (@leonzandman)
  • "Search first" migration to #SharePoint 2010 looks to be a great quick win scenario to drive business acceptance of introducing 2010 (@k_simonse)
  • So up till now literally all of the #SharePoint masters are telling us NOT to use the Farm Configuration Wizard. Amusing (@k_simonse)
  • Don't use the Farm Configuration Wizard (@harbars @patman2520)
  • Default action office web apps (open in browser or not) can be set on list level: SPlist.DefaultItemOpen. Nice for onenote (@mvalk)
  • Some sharepoint services will break, because they are default configured with managed accounts (search, usersync). (@mvalk)
  • use field controlls instead of webparts because you wont have page history with webparts (@HTbTweets)
  • Just learned about lock down page layouts at @andrewconnell session (@Marhcuz)
  • Quote @andrewconnell the content and structure page in #sp2010 is the only page which isn't rebranded (@nickboumans)
  • Richard Taylor is such a SharePoint #sp2010 addict, his kids have to check in homework to start a workflow that sends an email to him (@BasLijten)
  • Especially the dev Search session was an eye opener! Looping through the site collections, how recognisable (@achappey)

A couple of tweets from and about my sessions:

  • @danholme "Claims Based Auth great for Devs, not (yet) for IT Pros. And it's version 1, so there ARE and WILL BE bugs!" (@leonzandman)
  • Session MIT04 \\[Least Privilege Installation\\] by @danholme is essential for every SharePoint pro/dev IMHO. If you aren't attending, make sure to get the slides! (@leonzandman)
  • thanx two @DanHolme for an interesting session at #spc10. Now at @DonJones, the 2nd session about #PowerShell. Interesting and usefull (@VosAJM)
  • Don't confuse #SharePoint managed accounts with Active Directory managed accounts. Two separate features, not compatible.
  • SharePoint default behavior cross-pollinates managed accounts (Search Service app) with unmanaged accounts (default cralwer). BAD!!!
  • Great Q at #SPC10: If you have multiple farms and want to use managed accounts, be sure to use SEPARATE sets of accts for each farm.

And my personal favorite:

@omulders quote #spc10 SP plan+governance same as having the sex-talk with your kids; everybody is uncomfortable but need to discuss or else (@wvstrien)

Follow Dan Holme and the SharePointPro Connections gang (SharePoint_Pro and SharePointsmart) on Twitter!

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