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SharePoint Document Collaboration Solution Adds O365 Compatibility

Showing that companies in the SharePoint solution world are increasingly committing to SharePoint Online in spite of Microsoft’s lag in making the collaborative aspect of Office 365 truly enterprise-ready, Workshare today announced Office 365 compatibility with its Workshare Point document management solution for SharePoint.

Workshare Point 1.2, a solution that integrates SharePoint with Microsoft Office, will now enable users to connect to a SharePoint Online server hosted by Microsoft in its Office 365 cloud solution. Workshare has also added the capability for smaller companies to manage content within Microsoft Office and the more basic SharePoint Foundation 2010 as well, providing an entry into online content management in an on-premises-like solution.  

Users can access, file and manage their documents and emails with Office tools while storing documents on SharePoint.   With its customizable interface Workshare Point also enables the software to become industry or department specific.

The latest version will provide the ability to preview Outlook messages stored in SharePoint while the user is in Outlook, support for site collections, a new SharePoint email folder pane for improved filing and synchronization, and improved auto-profiling using document and email metadata.

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