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SharePoint (and IT) ShopTalk

Talking shop. I love it. Even when it's not my shop. I was a fly on the wall during a gathering of IT experts and thought to write down some of the more interesting bits that were thrown into the conversational stew:

On SharePoint:

"What are businesses using SharePoint for? Do they even know when not to use SharePoint?"

"What is it like managing SharePoint through web services?"

On the Cloud:

"There are going to be companies that started in the cloud that don't know anything else."

"IT will have to learn how to let go control."

"Google Apps went down for 4 hours on the east coast and no one cared."

"How are people going to become 'cloud proof'? How do you make yourself employable in a cloud-based world?"

"People are going to learn how to mine apps."

"Real IT people in the past had to know every aspect—now it's become specialized."

"You need to see cases where you'd move to the cloud versus not moving to the cloud."

"The cloud offers highly elastic computing requirements. For start-ups, it's a no-brainer."

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