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SharePoint admin's tip for end-users: Creating a link to a home page in a MySites blog

Our sister site, SharePoint Pro, posted this tip for SharePoint end users, but because the image manager functionality is broken on the blogs for that site, we are reposting it at this site as well, in case users would like to see the accompanying screen shots. This end-user tip comes courtesy of Jason Ford, a SharePoint administrator for a mid-sized media company that uses SharePoint for its company intranet.

To make it easier for readers to go back to the main page of the intranet from your MySite blog, do the following:

1. Go to your blog by going to your MySite and clicking Recent Blog Posts.

2. Click Site Actions.

3. Click Site Settings.

4. Under Look and Feel, click the link labeled Top Link Bar.     

5. Click  New Link.

6. In the box labeled Type the Web Address, type the URL of the home page of the intranet. In the box labeled Type the Description, enter the name of the intranet page, such as Main Page, or the intranet name, if it has one.

You should now see a tab in the upper left window that will link viewers back to the main page.

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