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SharePoint 2013 Preview

SharePoint 2013 Preview

Coasting in on Microsoft's Office 2013 news, SharePoint 2013 Preview didn't get much mention from Microsoft's Steve Ballmer but we're still excited about it. (Check it out at Microsoft's SharePoint 2013 preview site.)

And SharePoint Foundation 2013 Preview arrived as well. More to come on what both previews offer.

And what about SharePoint Online? Well, it's alive and thriving in Office 365 Preview. But not ALL Office 365 Preview versions. See this Microsoft link for what's in each Office 365 Preview version.Or at least, in slippery Soft-Speak, "what's included," which can mean "this is all that's in this version" but also can mean "this is part of what's in this version." We'll help you when we figure it out ourselves.

We've got SharePoint MVPs chomping at the bit to show you what's new and notable--and soon. In the meantime, take a look at industry insider Paul Thurrott's articles and screen shot gallery on Office 2013 Preview to get a sense of what's in store for you.

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