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Securing SharePoint With the Help of User Provisioning

Recently, I’ve been seeing updates to SharePoint tools or solutions for securing SharePoint or SharePoint data. As organizations come to rely more heavily on SharePoint as a mission-critical data repository, they become aware of the need to ensure its security and show that they’re meeting compliance requirements.

This week, Ensim announced that its Ensim Unify SharePoint Manager received some updates and enhancements. Part of Ensim Unify Enterprise, SharePoint Manager is a provisioning and compliance tool for SharePoint. Ensim enhanced features relating to these areas:

•          Automated provisioning of SharePoint sites, including site collection and sub-sites.

•          Permissions management.

•          SharePoint group management, including letting employees add themselves to SharePoint groups based on IT policy.

For more information on Ensim Unify SharePoint Manager, visit its website.

For additional SharePoint articles, check out SharePoint Pro magazine.

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